Why using Uwall Paneling?

Made By 70% Calcium Carbonate and 30% PVC

Uwall Paneling offers the same aesthetic exterior of natural marble and added advantages, without the hefty price tag. Here’s a look at the advantages of

1. Improved Wear Resistance As calcium carbonate is the main component of natural marble, it scores only a 3 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness, which makes it vulnerable to abrasion in daily use. Technical marble on the other hand, uses nano powder and hence has a higher resistance to abrasion and cuts.

2. Easier to Maintain Being formed from naturally occurring materials in the earth’s crust, natural marble has micro cracks and can be polluted by water seepage easily. This means that if you accidentally spill dye when colouring your hair in a marble shower, the dye can stain your shower floor. Marble might also be easily etched by acidic materials such as lemon or strong cleansing products. In comparison, Uwall Paneling has a much lower water absorption rate (0.3%), and is also much easier to manage and maintain – simply clean with a wet cloth to remove stains.

3. No Colour Difference While the appearance of natural marble depends on their naturally occurring patterns, Uwall Paneling is flexible and can be manufactured to ensure better colour consistency, to create your desired decoration effect.

4. Easy to Install Natural marble cannot be seamlessly connected, as it is common for gaps to appear between two docking. Uwall Paneling on the other hand can be cut virtually without restrictions on shape or styles in the production process, allowing you to achieve a look that’s closest to your décor conceptualisation. Furthermore, this material can be installed easily with adhesive, increasing the convenience of replacement of tiles, etc.

Just Overlay It, No Hacking Needed, Dusty Free, More Efficient & Time Saving

water resistant

slim at 4mm thick

fire resistant

seamless finishing

quick & easy installation

light weight

easy to clean

Uwall Products & Materials W 1220 x L 2440 x Thick 3.8mm can be cut to any size easily